17 November 2021 -
12 March 2022

Living Room

Group exhibition

Living Room

“Living Room” is much more than just an art exhibition, it is, rather, an invitation to come together via a programme that is both inspiring and full of life, a blank canvas for nine emerging artists enriched by a sequence of conversations, dinners, and other events.

Throughout the winter, three cycles of the exhibition will take place. Each cycle will be comprised of the work of three of the invited artists, giving them carte blanche to present a multitude of perspectives and various, distinct artistic worlds and processes. Together the spaces of the art centre will form a living space, filled with different art works and objects, where you can spend time, relax, enjoy a drink with friends or work.

The first cycle of exhibitions, talks and events will take place from the 17 November until the 22 December. Lia Rochas-Páris, Lola Reboud and Éric Antoine will show works exploring questions regarding the materiality of images, memory and the position of Man in the Universe.

Practical information 

This exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from noon to 6pm and by appointment. Late night opening on Thursdays.

For more information please contact: expositions@hoteldegallifet.com