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Jeremy Gobé

1986 -

Jeremy Gobé

Situating himself somewhere in-between the Arts and the Sciences, Jérémy Gobé is committed to the preservation of the seabed through Corail Artefact. In addition to a unique coral regeneration project, the endowment fund is taking action to raise awareness of need to preserve the endangered reef. The "Quantum Hope" project lists endangered corals in France and French overseas departments and territories and is unfortunately only lengthening.

Here, Gobé exhibits the first species of his project: the Coral Brain of Neptune, present in Reunion Island. Each coral is represented by three different creations. The handmade textile embroidery pays tribute to the living texture of the coral. The black stone drawing mirrors its internal structures and patterns. Finally, the sculpture allows us to understand the volume and physicality of coral skeletons. The sculpture is a 3D model, printed in bio-polymer of marine bacteria, a material developed by the artist himself. The artist offers us a sensory and detailed appraisal of each coral species, and invites us to appreciate their own individual beauty. Gobé’s work belies a sense of hope, a call for change in the face of the imminent extinction of many coral species and decreasing biodiversity in marine environments.


Jérémy Gobé (1986) is a graduate of the École des arts décoratifs de Paris. He has received several awards including the Planète Art Solidaire Prize from Art of Change 21 (2021) and the Pierre Cardin Prize from the Académie des Beaux-Arts (2020). Jérémy Gobé has had numerous exhibitions, notably at the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice (2022), with Art of Change 21 (2021), at the EDF Foundation (2020) and at the Palais de Tokyo (2013).