10 November 2018 -
08 December 2018

Chroniques des Imaginaires Numériques

Group Exhibition

Chroniques des Imaginaires Numériques

An unmissable exhibition this autumn, Chroniques des Imaginaires Numériques is a biennial event dedicated to exploring the link between contemporary creativity and new technology.

What happens to the world when we look at it upside down? When we resist the Earth’s gravity, and the ceiling becomes the floor? When the great Atlas, holding up the sky, is replaced by machines? Walking on your head opens the door to innovation and allows you to invert your values, just as the nonsensical words of a court jester often lead the way to critical thinking.

As sky-walkers, we explore these upside-down landscapes.

The Collection 

Virtual Ground – Sensory Experience – Ief Spincemaille

DDoS, Distributed Denial of Service Attack, Place de la Bastille – Installation – Jean-Benoît Lallemend

Push the Sky Away – Installation - Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion

Revolution² - VR Installation - Florian Schönerstedt

Delusion – Installation – Hugo Deverchère