In the centre of Aix-en-Provence

Seminars and Conferences

A unique setting

Seminars and Conferences

Ideally situated in the centre of Aix-en-Provence, the Hôtel de Gallifet can offer a number of rooms in which to host your professional events. 

With individually tailored packages, our team will help you to arrange your meetings, seminars, product launches, press releases or corporate team-building [speech marks removed] days.  

The art centre on the ground floor of the building serves as a unique workplace, in which 18th century decor blends seamlessly with the contemporary art on display.  

During the summer months, discover our 500m2 shaded garden, a lush green space that promotes concentration, located a one minute walk away from Cours Mirabeau and 10 minutes from the main bus station. 

The Gallifet Kitchen menu, which features fresh, locally-cultivated ingredients from our vegetable garden, will perfectly complement your corporate events.

Practical Information

Our half day study package includes :

Use of a fully-equipped room 

A hot drink on arrival  

1 coffee break and snack 

Lunch (starter + main or main + dessert, water and coffee included) 



Seminar kit 

Please contact us for a quote. From 60 EUR per person.

Our full day study package includes :  

-Use of a fully-equipped room 

-A hot drink on arrival  

- 2 coffee breaks and snacks 

-Lunch (starter + main or main + dessert, water and coffee included) 



-Seminar kit 

Please contact us for a quote. From 70 EUR per person.

All necessary materials are available on request, including: a television screen, projector, flip chart, microphone, free WiFi and a conference kit.

Interior rooms capacity: 20 to 100 people 

Garden capacity: 200 people 

Basement theatre capacity: 100 people