17 June 2017 -
30 September 2017

pour la

Group Exhibition

Prix HSBC pour la Photographie

Gallifet Art Centre has the pleasure of hosting the exhibition ‘The Evolution of Photography: 22 Years in Pictures’ in partnership with the Laureates of the HSBC Prize for Photography. It offers an opportunity to retrace the unique history of this art of capturing a moment. Over the course of 20 years, contemporary photography has transformed, and so has the photograph. From the film camera to digital photography edited using computer software, photography has evolved as much technologically as it has artistically.

Today we are living in the post-photographic age, and this year’s Laureates use their medium to interrogate our version of reality. Their work brings to light that which escapes us, that which evades our gaze. Laura PANNACK and Mélanie WENGER employ a range of approaches to create unexpected and surprising interpretations and representations of reality. Each in their own way, they take us on a journey back through time. Is it in order to create distance between ourselves and the concerns and evils of the modern world? Is it an attempt to rediscover the comfort of that which remains unchanging, to find reassurance in the familiar and known?

For this exhibition retracing the evolution of photography over the last 20 years, the Laureates of the HSBC Prize 2016 and 2015: Christian Vium and Marta Zgierska from 2016, and Maia Flore and Guillaume Martial from 2015, will also display their work at the art centre.