15 November 2013 -
30 March 2014

Avancer les Yeux Fermés

Thomas Boulmier

Avancer les Yeux Fermés

The relationship between man and an object changes with each encounter. From the moment that it ceases to be purely utilitarian, the object is coveted, desired, and purchased, and is contemplated and prized until the day that it is cast aside, forgotten, and neglected. This is why the pursuit of balance through material objects is illusory. Yet it is precisely this pursuit that is the premise of our consumer society; we continue to subscribe to the illusion that, through our own purchasing power, material objects can save us from our inner problems. 

In reality, like a drug, the immediate comfort is quickly replaced by a vacuum, coupled with a level of responsibility - the responsibility that accompanies the presence of a new object in the perimeter of our independence. The 'ideal' time-saving object often ends by limiting our means of action while encroaching on our time, our space, and our autonomy. 

In his diamond series, Boulmier shows us how the idea of the ‘ideal object’ is an illusion. Beyond the work’s unique aesthetic composed of geometrical and abstract forms, the artist presents us with stripped-back plastic in which we discover the balance of pure lines and the traces of a mass of random marks.

The geometric structure - which is as unique to each canvas as the object is to each encounter - presents itself differently to each viewer. The design is perceived according to the needs of the individual, and the identity that we give to it changes with each glance.