06 June 2013 -
16 June 2013

Femmes, Après Coup

Lâm Duc Hien

Femmes, Après Coup

Femmes, Après Coup’ is primarily a photographic and sound exhibition based on the reports of Lâm Duc Hiên, telling the stories of violence against women and bearing witness to possible modes of recovery. 

Lâm Duc Hên collected his photo and audio testimonies of female victims of violence in seven countries in which NGO ‘Médecins du Monde’ is active: Guatemala, Haiti, Moldova, Nicaragua, Pakistan, the DRC (Goma and Kinshasa) and France.

With ‘Femmes, Après Coup’ harmful traditional practices and physical, psychological and economic violence are no longer mere abstractions. Behind the veil of shame that too often allows these acts of violence to continue, the faces and voices are no longer those of anonymous victims but those of women aspiring to attain their share of human rights.