19 February 2013 -
26 February 2013


Olivier Chapelle


It is perched 5 meters above the ground, at the top of his scaffolding tower, that Olivier Chapel creates his safaris, as if to better protect himself from the wild animals that he releases at will into the most unexpected environments. 

With Safaris, it is the quirks, the artifice and the distortion of the surroundings that allows the dream world to become reality. These explorations of the imagination, striking explosions of colour and extravagance, form a very personal composition. However, there is an impression of familiarity; more than just his own dreams, Olivier Chapelle pursues the myths that define our times.

These tales, which play with the collective imagination, become an allegory of today's world. Whether he is the hunter or the hunted, Olivier Chapelle invites us to explore with him.