18 June 2020 -
27 September 2020

Habiter la Terre

Rubén Martín De Lucas

Habiter la Terre

What does “inhabiting the Earth” mean for a human race that has never ceased to possess and dominate the natural world? This crucial question is at the centre of the work of Spanish artist Rubén Martín De Lucas, who in 2015 began an extended project entitled “associated landscapes and behaviours”. 

His multifaceted body of work - mixing photography, video and painting - finds its source in a recurrent performative process. Through his numerous projects, the artist addresses subjects such as the progressive reduction of space reserved for the untamed natural world, overpopulation, the notion of borders and nationhood, and the dichotomy between industrial agriculture and natural agriculture. Not without irony, he pushes these ideas to the borders of the absurd in order to better encourage us to to question their importance. 



By exploring the complex links that connect us to the scenery, the landscape, and the natural world, Rubén Martín De Lucas calls to mind the major ecological and human challenges of our time. At the dawn of the Anthropocene, the artist offers a distinctive point of view. He refutes the logic of man’s domination over all living things and instead presents a vision of an inclusive, symbiotic world where humanity would become one with the Earth.

Rubén Martín De Lucas’ work has a significant international reputation. Notably, his art has been presented at Circulations Festival in Paris in 2019 (Audience Award), at the Rencontres de l'Image de Braga (Emergence Award) and at the Lagos Photo Festival. He was chosen by PHotoESPAÑA as their "Future Talent" 2019 and has been the subject of notable monographs such as the one produced at the Lianzhou Museum of Photography in China in 2019.

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Gallifet Art Center and Spring - Contemporary Art Agency.

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