Samon Takahashi

1970 -

Samon Takahashi

Samon Takahashi is a multifaceted artist. Using architecture, sound, visual arts and music, he tries to establish connections and create new forms of language between these different practices. His artistic research revolves around the analogical relationships between language and the city, or music and architecture. He seeks to create new forms of grammar and classification to describe these interactions. 

His creations take various forms, including sculpture, sound and video installation, sketches, and models. Passionate about mathematics and technology, the artist projects his works into a future which is specific to him but also open and adaptable to each individual. 

Exhibited around the world, his work can be found in many celebrated venues and prestigious places, including the Palais de Tokyo, the Carré du Louvre, the Museum of Modern Art, and the 18th Street Art Complex in Los Angeles. More than an artist, Takahashi is a visionary.