Handmade : le Sud mis en scène; Mémoire Désir

Laëtitia Costechareyre


Laëtitia Costechareyre

After as artistic career and several years at the workshop of Agnès B, Laëtitia Costechareyre trained in vegetable dying with the renowned maseter dyer Michel Garcia. It was love at first sight for indigo. She created the brand Atelier Simone, which combines two of her passions: old fabrics and indigo.

She also works with textile printing through ancestral techniques, such as Shibori (Japanese art) or Tie & Dye



1/ Laëtitia, who are you?

I am an indigo artist and the creator of the brand Atelier Simone.

2/ ‘An indigo artist’ ? Tell us more.

I am a vegetable dyer, specialising in indigo.

3/ How was the Atelier Simone brand established?

Via the union of my mentor, Michel Garcia, and indigo.

4/ Why Simone?

To pay homage to the renowned Simones: de Beauvoir, Beil, Weil, Signoret…

5/ A favourite colour of yours?

Bule… indigo

6/ A favourite material?

Natural and old materials. I really like hemp for its irregularity, its density, and its imperfection.

6/ A favourite material?

Natural and ancient materials. I really like hemp for its irregularity, its density, its imperfection.

7/ A place you go to recharge your batteries?

Tangier, the white city surrounded by the blue sky and the blue sea.

8/ Where can we find you in Aix?

At Gallifet at lunch time; having a coffee at the Brulerie Richelme; reading a book at Bouquiniste Obscur.

9/ What does Handmade mean to you?

Art craftsmanship, making things by hand, movement, unique items, love, passion, the act of giving…

To book an indigo dyeing masterclass with Laëtitia, click here.