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Lola Reboud

1982 -

Lola Reboud

Lola Reboud was born in 1982. After obtaining a National Diploma of Visual Arts at the Beaux Arts de Cergy and a master’s degree in Aesthetic Art at the Sorbonne, she joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris to study Photography. She completed her training in New York at the Magnum Photo agency, where she assisted the photographers Elliot Erwitt and Alec Soth. She then spent a year assisting the artist Yto Barrada in Tangiers.

The central themes of her artistic approach are the relationships we have with different climates and places where geography is as important as individuals. She also instigates collaborations between geographers, volcanologists and oceanographers. The dialogue created between these occupations is represented via various art mediums including textiles and wallpapers depending on the project. In exhibition spaces, these dialogues materialise in the form of in situ installations.


- Winner of the National Centre for Visual Arts grant for documentary photography for “Les Climats II” in Japan.
- Participant in the Tara Expedition in the Mediterranean.
- Chosen for France’s most prestigious photography competition (la commande photographique du CNAP la jeunesse).
- Regularly invited for artist residencies.
- Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad (Cent Quatre, Paris Photo, Galerie du jour Agnès b., Nooderlicht photofestival, Photaumnales, la Box- Bourges, Kyotographie, CCO Art Center- Osaka, Nicéphore Niépce museum, Institut Français, Festival Images Singulières, Fondation Yvon Lambert).
- Director of press commisions and professional photography teacher in art schools.