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Lia Rochas-Páris

Lia Rochas-Páris

With degrees in Aesthetic Art (Sorbonne), Design (Ensci), and Digital Arts (Sorbonne), Lia Rochas-Pàris considers the expression of creative processes as an artistic practice in itself. 

The artist composes her works using different elements. As an explorer of visual archives, Lia Rochas-Pàris does not hesitate to go beyond the boundaries of space and time to construct her collages. Ultimately, she brings together fragments of different sources to create a cosmogony close to surrealism. This desire to make a world out of different collected elements materialises in the recurring themes of her work, which include the attraction of bodies in space, weightlessness, movement, the all-powerful eros and the Milky Way.


- Since 2007, the work of Lia Rochas-Pàris has been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions in Pairs, Marseille, Amsterdam, Osaka, and New-York (Vaste Horizon gallery, Marant Studio, Parcours St Germain).
- Collaborations with Gucci, La Villa Vassilieff, Le Coeur, À Rebours x Fondation Lafayette, Coralie Marabelle, John Lobb, Les In-fâmes, Sony music and Casio, amongst others.
- Collages and texts published in Please Magazine, Girl Like Us, GQ France and Standard Magazine.