Living Room

Marion Flament

1989 -

Marion Flament

After finishing her undergraduate degree at l’École Boulle, Marion Flament completed a Master’s at l’EnsAD in Paris, passing with Distinction. She continued her post-graduate studies in interactive lighting at l’Ensad-LAB until 2017. These fields of study, which bring art and scenography together, together with the concept of ‘Place’, continue to guide her work. She is inspired by sudden and tiny changes in visual perception that give time a magical and dramatic quality. Evidently for Flament, staging artworks is all about telling a story and understanding how things interact with one another. The artist stages her artworks as to create a point of conjunction and balance, often by exposing a key moment that reflects a visual freeze-frame. It is a way of revealing the simultaneously strange yet beautiful reality of transformed time: focusing upon the scenery that builds our daily lives. This is why Flament often uses trompe l’oeil and optical illusions, a link to the fantasies she encountered in the theatre.


After an exchange at the EAV Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, she was recently laureate of the Académie des savoirs faire d'Hermès sur le verre, the Hors Pistes residencies, the Saint Sauveur site in Vendée, the Bel ordinaire in Pau, the Paris workshops, the Villa Belleville, and the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid.