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François Maurin

Vit et travaille à Paris

François Maurin

François Maurin is a French artist who graduated in 2018 from l’ENSBA. Maurin composes three-dimensional paintings. His artistic approach is principally characterised by geometric forms, bold colours and the interplay of different materials.

Although these paintings are not intended to represent or signify specific concepts, they stimulate our imagination and sensitivity; inviting us to think creatively. There is an intimate relationship between Maurin’s works and its admirers. This relationship is notably conveyed through the vertically extended components of the works that imitate the posture of an alter ego standing up, trying to put together the pieces of an experience. As an advocator for the accessibility of art and its presence in everyday life, Maurin developed ‘les Passengers’; small-scale models of these three-dimensional paintings that are circulated around the world from person to person, with no strings attached.


Maurin has participated in several artistic residencies (Villa Belleville, Résidence COOP in Bidart) and is currently resident at POUSH Manifesto. He has had several solo exhibitions in galleries (Vitrine 65, Galerie Marine Veilleux) and participated in a number of group shows (Maisoncontemporain, Galerie Jousse Entreprise, 104).