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Guy Limone

1958 -

Guy Limone

The artist 

Guy Limone’s work is profoundly grounded in the world of painting even if it often escapes its boundaries. His materials are statues, images of daily life or fluorescent tubes. He classifies and redesigns a multitude of small details according to an abtract and minimalist method which aims to restore order and clarity to a chaotic world.

He assembles crowds of tiny figures, giving abstract statistical data, both form and a human presence.  His work has evolved over time, giving a major place to colour, which has grown to be one of the artist's major concerns.

Extract from the communiqué de presse of the exhibition « 1/87e » (2014)

Les porteurs de couleurs (tabouret rouge, le cadre)

Guy Limone’s Les porteurs de couleurs (tabouret rouge, le cadre)reveals a series of portraits of schoolchildren along fluorescent tubes. The slides were made according to a specified framework, following the precise criteria of the artist with regards to the age of the subjects photographed the colours used as well as an object representing the subject's own creativity.Despite the constraint inherent in these instructions, the students remained free to choose their own image. In the vein of a sociological study, this playful inventory allows us to show that fashion codes govern the elaboration of each individual's image. As a result, this work invites us to refllect on the influence of ‘art’ in society.

Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, 2003