Inside Out

Isabelle Rodde

Isabelle Rodde

At first glance, Isabelle Rodde’s interiors seem somewhat familiar. We can almost recognise the armchairs of our own living room, the wallpaper at a friend’s house, or the tiles on the floor of our local cafe.

The artist draws inspiration from sources as varied as the interior of a hotel, the atmosphere of a rural market or the pages of a magazine in order to produce her distinct bright sketches with a sense of perspective that entices the viewer in. Taking us on anything from distant journeys to local wanders, above all all Isabelle Rodde's interiors are an invitation to sit back and dream.


Rodde's work is figurative but dispenses with classic proportion and perspective, imbuing her sketches with a joyful freedom of proportion, whilst still remaining faithful to their sources of inspiration. Her sketches are assertive, as is the artist’s choice of felt pen to invite us into bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms with bold lines and unforgettable colours.

The works on display are for sale. It is also possible to commission a sketch of an interior of your choice. Please contact the art centre reception desk for further information.