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Sarah Valente

1988 -

Sarah Valente

Sarah Valente's work is deeply linked to the forest and to the celebration of of its richness, its biodiversity, healing properties and  its mystery. Through her work she forges a commitment to the defence and preservation of the forests. Though Valente’s work may seem abstract, it in fact mirrors the lack of symmetry and exact pattern of the forest canopy. In the forest, foliage and trees merge, to create a chaos that is strangely soothing. The sight, smell and feel of  the forest has been shown to unconsciously stimulate feelings of wellbeing. The artist’s creative process is also connected to the forest, since it is in the forest that Valente’s paintings really come to life. Valente first folds, shapes and sculpts the canvas according following the shapes of the flora and fauna around her. These canvas tulips or orchids are shaped like origami and pigmented with three primary colours. Once unfolded, the randomly coloured canvas is spread out on the ground and exposed to the runoff of the rain which binds the pigments. The cycle of water is an active and crucial participant in the artistic process.

The "Spring" series immerses us in a luxuriant forest in full bloom. It pays tribute to the cycle of the seasons and captures this fleeting moment on the canvas. Concerned by the progressive retreat of forest environments, Sarah Valente created Greenline Foundation in 2021. The endowment fund aims to preserve existing forests, rewilding damaged areas as well as raising awareness of their fragility through artistic events. Click here to learn more and support the Greenline Foundation


Sarah Valente (1988) is a visual artist and photographer, self-taught and trained in photography under the tutelage of Flore (winner of the fine arts prize in 2018). Sarah is currently a POUSH Manifesto resident in Aubervilliers. She has participated in various group exhibitions, including with the association Forest Art Project of which she is a member (2022), at the Romero Paprocki gallery (2022) and at the Good Planet Foundation (2019).