Nouvelles Alliances

Charlotte Gautier Van Tour

1989 -

Charlotte Gautier Van Tour


Charlotte Gautier Van Tour renders visible what is normally invisible, the bacteria and micro-organisms that surround us. For the exhibition, the artist presents a first version of the installation "Osmos", created with the composer Ilia Osokin and light designer Jimmy Boury. A moss-covered stele is topped by a stoup containing water, which we are invited to touch. As soon as the water is touched, a musical composition starts to play, mixing electronic instruments and unheard sounds from the sea floor collected by the Chorus Acoustics Institute. This physical and aural experience connects us to living beings at the bottom of the ocean, which know nothing of and yet with which we share so many genetic similarities.

The work explores exactly what we feel when we come into contact with the sound and feel of water. The installation invites us to enter into communion with the aquatic world to which we have a primal connection; it was deep in the ocean that the first forms of life appeared. The sculpture also responds to organic forms found on land; trunk colonized by lichen, tree, shell, matrix... Gautier Van Tour's work aims to awaken unseen correspondences between living forms in the natural world.



Charlotte Gautier Van Tour (1989) graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in 2014. Her practice has been developed through numerous artistic residencies, with the Fondation l'Accolade (2021), with Coco Velten, Marseille (2020), or within the Ruigoord artist village in Amsterdam (2019). Charlotte Gautier Van Tour has had several exhibitions, with the Fertile association (2021), at the Villa Belleville (2019) and at the Cité internationale des Arts (2018).