Nouvelles Alliances

Sara Favriau

1983 -

Sara Favriau

Sara Favriau’s work has consistently explored our relationship with nature, our relation to it as a sort of other, aiming to respond to the eternal questions that that relationship poses. ‘Une pelouse perçante plus forte qu’un rocher’ (Blades of grass stronger than rocks) combines the films of two collaborative performances which blend the absurd and the  poetic. A tree used as a barge crosses the sea to an island forest and a wooden hut is set on fire in a ritual ceremony. Sara Favriau places the mixing of cultures, mediums, knowledge, arts and sciences at the heart of her practice.

This work evokes the ancient Colombian creation myth that life sprung from a cedar tree. The cedar tree, from which Sara Favriau sculpted the wooden boat, is a divine symbol in many religions, as well as a symbol of resilience. It has been proven to be capable of resisting drought, disease as well as climate change. Setting it alight additionally draws attention to the damage done to the forest floor in the Douglas du Morvan plantations where the wood comes from. The flames also question the impermanence of art, and thus the position of man and his temporality in comparison to the sheer force and permanence of nature. However, the ritual remains one of joy, a celebration of rebirth which gives life to new works, the videos created and the pieces of ash collected. Each stage of the work, sculpture, performance, video, is given new life through another medium. A cycle of commemoration and resurrection animates Favriau’s work which aims to question ideas of permanence and celebrate the cyclical nature of life.



Sara Favriau (1983) has had numerous solo and international exhibitions including at the Carmignac Foundation (2021), Villa Noailles (2020 and 2021), the Rabat Biennial (2019), the Bangkok Biennial (2018) and the Palais de Tokyo (2017). She has participated in numerous residencies, including the Royal Commission RCU and French Agency Afalula programme, operated by Manifesto, inAlUla, Saudi Arabia in 2022. Her work is present in numerous public collections: FMAC (collection of the city of Paris), FRAC Normandie Caen, FRAC Centre, MAC VAL, BAB (Bangkok Art Biennale). Sara Favriau is represented by the Maubert gallery.