Mémoire Désir

Clémentine Brandibas

1989 -

Clémentine Brandibas

The artist works intuitively and empirically, giving free reign to her instinct. She uses needlepoint embroidery as an extension of her work as a visual artist, drawing her inspiration principally from nature, both at a micro and macro level.

Her primary approach could be defined as a search for biomimicry and the poetic evocation of organic landscapes. She also shares her vision of the raw materials she carefully collects. Her gatherings, once transformed and enhanced, become a palette of textures that allow her to create a hypnotic and meditative experience.



Born in 1989 in Toulouse, Clémentine Brandibas graduated with a DMA (Degree in Métiers d'Art) from École Duperré in 2011, specialising in embroidery. In 2018 her embroidery work was twice rewarded with the Prix Jeune Création des Métiers d'Art and the regional prize for Ateliers d'Art in France. She currently lives and works in the Bordeaux region.