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Solenne Jolivet

1990 -

Solenne Jolivet

Jolivet has lived and worked in Paris for 12 years and combines working for haute couture clients with personal projects at her workshop. She has spent time in Italy where dye baths, marble floors, factories where cast iron and oil are used alongside some of the most delicate materials, are all experiences that have profoundly marked her work.

Thread is the principal tool of her work. She uses yarn as a pigment, diluting or densifying at will to create textile paintings with abstract compositions. Mixing the yarns allows her to create nuances in the same way a painter produces their own colours. Abandoning traditional embroidery, where the thread is often no more than the basis for different components, her speciality is creating works from the thread itself.  

As a contemporary artisan, her dream is to create a dialogue between this medium and other works of art and materials such as wood, marble and metal, helping to creating places and objects that will highlight the beauty of handmade work for centuries to come.


Born in 1990, Solenne Jolivet graduated from ESAA Duperré and the Institut Français de la Mode. She started her career buying and producing materials, joining Hermès before becoming a full-time embroiderer. She has since participated in a number of exhibitions and residencies, developing her personal vision of contemporary embroidery.