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Atelier Sumbiosis

Natural dyeing & pleating

Atelier Sumbiosis

Tony Jouanneau is a craftsman, designer and researcher who specialises in textiles, bringing an organically elevated finish. After training in product design at the Orléans ESAD (School of Art and Design), he then focused his work towards eco-conception and biodesign with a Masters at ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris’s École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle).

In 2018, he founded Atelier Sumbiosis, bringing together researchers and scientists to conceive an innovative collaboration between textiles and the organic. The creations of Sumbiosis spring from a repertoire of bio-enriched materials, shaped by the collaborative efforts of craftspeople. These products are intended for collectors and for professionals in the luxury goods and interior design sectors.

The UNDULA collection was born of a meeting between Tony Jouanneau and Harumi Sugiura, at the Conservatory Garden of Tinctorial Plants in Lauris. Spontaneously, their partnership was formed, with a shared appreciation of exceptional quality textile finishing and the use of plant dyes. Born in Japan but having lived in France for the last 14 years, Harumi Sugiura explores Japanese folding and Western pleating techniques. Her work is based on two-dimensional textile surfaces to which she gives volume and movement.