Mise au Point

Ced Vernay

1968 -

Ced Vernay

French artist Ced Vernay spent more than 10 years living in Brazil before returning to his country of origin and moving to Marseille, the 2013 European Capital of Culture. 

Born in 1968, Vernay was quickly drawn to painting and decided to seek artistic training in the United States at the Northwest Community College, before continuing his studies at the prestigious Emile Cohl design school in Lyon.

Vernay is a fan of the pixel. He takes this enemy of the photographer, the camera man and the graphic designer and places it at the heart of his artistic work, transforming it into a symbol of human imperfection. Placing himself at the border of painting, collage and photography, he seeks to demonstrate that man can in fact supplant the machine.

Vernay creates a pixelated universe in which viewers are invited to lose themselves, and, perhaps, discover unknown delights…