Ailleurs, Rendre du Temps au Temps

Charles Le Hyaric

1987 -

Charles Le Hyaric

Charles Le Hyaric, a graduate of both the National School of Fine Arts in Paris and the Esag Penninghen, is most notably championed by the Papillon gallery. He has exhibited his monumental sculptures and installations in several group and solo exhibitions at galleries such as the Galleria Continua, the Riga Fine Arts Gallery and the Solomon Foundation, where he had a solo exhibition in September 2018.

His work is like a laboratory that plays with life itself, poetically mimicking the universe and appearing both obvious in form and at the same time elusive. When he works on an installation, the place where it exists becomes part of the creative process. His art is a unique sensory experience; the senses are directly involved as the body is confronted with space, sight, hearing and smell. 


His work tries to escape borders in order to create its own universe. It aims to be intense, rich, generous, mobile, aerial, sometimes ephemeral, but essentially it wishes to embody the notion of “being” where time does not exist. 

Whatever the medium, technique, design, or setting, Charles Le Hyaric’s intention is always the same: to celebrate the subjects of space and time. In Ann Hindry’s words, it is “a body of visual work that is like the song of the world.”