Ailleurs, Rendre du Temps au Temps; Nouvelles Alliances

Côme Di Meglio

1988 -

Côme Di Meglio


Côme Di Meglio’s artistic practice has developed along the lines of a sort of spiritual adventure. Through his creations Di Meglio awakes in the spectator a sense of consciousness, creating an awareness of their surroundings in order to nourish our relationship with nature.

At  Gallifet, the artist brings together different mediums for the first time, using: frescoes on marble, basketry and mycelium constructions. The alcoves he creates are safe havens, enveloping and protecting us all whilst bringing us closer together. They function in many ways similarly to primal shelters or sacred architectures. Whilst the frescoes on marble seem to invite for quiet contemplation and inner reverie, the wickerwork architectures evoke memories of craft skills as a unifying and social activity. The sensory qualities of each space open spectators up to connections. The use of mycelium is central to the Di Meglio’s work. The artist does not just sculpt using, but rather collaborates with the organism; feeding it with wood-based waste to makes it grow and and then using it as a living construction material. Organic and warm, mycelium immediately creates sense of familiarity and affinity and allows us to enter into harmony with our natural surroundings. Biodegradable, the mycelium work will be returned to the Earth: a testimony to the natural cycles and transformations which we are all part of. During the exhibition, the installation will host several dinners organised by Côme Di Meglio and TransitionFood. Food is a focal point for so many social interactions as well our interactions with nature. TransitionFood thus invites us to approach this moment of connection with a heightened attention to nature, using hypnosis. Learn more about hypnosis dinners and TransitionFOOD here .


Côme Di Meglio (1988) graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2014. He is currently resident at the Ateliers de la ville de Marseille. The artist has had solo exhibitions at Couvent Levat in Marseille (2019) and Atelier Ni, Marseille (2018). In 2021 he was awarded the Planète solidaire prize by Art of Change 21.