Ailleurs, Rendre du Temps au Temps

Gaetano Cunsolo

1986 -

Gaetano Cunsolo

Italian artist Gaetano Cunsolo graduated from the Florence School of Fine Arts and obtained a master’s degree in Visual Art and Curatorial Practice at NABA in Milan in 2014. Currently artist in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, he was awarded the Terra Summer Residency in 2018. 

His recent exhibitions and projects include: Sailing Fields, Paris, France (2017); Desposito dell’Arte Italiana Presente, Artissima, Turin, Italy (2017); Teatrum Botanicum, PAV, Turin, Italy (2017); This is the End, Prato, Italy (2017); Sensible Coune, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea de Rome (2017); The Great Learning, Milan Triennial (2017).

He is interested in architecture, sculpture, photography, and video, with a view to constructing new narratives in public spaces and with human practices. 

His creative practice displays a great capacity to recreate spaces, structures, and sculptures using gestures and elements from everyday life. In this way, he sheds light on the social and political contradictions of our society, opening up new perspectives by mobilising space and behaviours.