Artist in Residence at Gallifet in 2013

Henri Lamy

1985 -

Henri Lamy

Henri Lamy is a French figurative painter, born on December 10, 1985. Trained in oil painting, Lamy has recently turned his attention towards the immediacy and spontaneity of acrylic. 

The glazes, the dripping, and the low-relief, obtained with a palette knife, intermingle and combine in the spontaneity of the moment, thanks to the rapid drying time. 

Introduced to the world of art by his father at a very young age, Lamy is an admirer of Pollock and the dripping technique, in which the artist lets the paint drip from a palette knife over the canvas. In this way, the canvas can appear abstract up close and figurative when the viewer observes it from further away.

Lamy is a member of the artistic collective ‘59 Rivoli’ (a former squat bought by the city of Paris, now a studio for more than 30 artists). He currently exhibits in Lyon, Paris, and Beijing (in collaboration with Fei Gallery and Co-Existences).