Age of Innocence

Laurent Elie Badessi

1964 -

Laurent Elie Badessi

Born in France, Laurent Elie Badessi grew up in a family of photographers. His upbringing allowed him to explore and nurture his passion for the art of photography from an early age.

Badessi first graduated in languages ​​and communication, and then later in photography. He completed a thesis on the psychological interaction between the photographer and the model during a photo shoot. This culminated in the "Ethnological Fashion Photography" project, which consisted of visiting isolated African tribes who have rarely - and in some cases, never before – been photographed.

Beginning his career in Paris, the artist devoted ten years of his life to studying and analysing the human figure, years of work that are compiled in his exhibition, Skin. In 2004, he worked for the luxury brand Charles Jourdan to create their advertising campaign - now on permanent display at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris - which mixes eroticism, mythology and symbolism.


He then produced several series of photographs which tackle social, political and cultural themes while using symbolic, mythological, historical and cultural references. These include: American Dream, This is Not a Dream (2006), Innocence (2009-12), Dreaming Marylins (2012-13), and Fragments (2014).

He has received many prestigious awards and his photographs have been exhibited in cities around the world.