02 July 2023 -
06 October 2023

Déjà View

Martin Parr & The Anonymous Project

Déjà View

The Anonymous Project, recognized as one of the most important private collections of amateur colour photographs from the 20th century, is behind two major exhibitions - Reflets and Déjà View.

Déjà View is the result of a partnership between
Magnum Photos and Anonymous Project, and is based on the book, Déjà View, by Martin Parr and Lee Shulman, published by Textuel in 2021.  

A playful conversation between two important photographic archives, for each work by Martin Parr, there is a paired image from the Anonymous Project’s collection of amateur photographs.  

Previously exhibited at La Galerie Magnum, these photographs immortalize very diverse scenes throughout Europe and the United States, in which people from all walks of life enjoy their holidays or celebrate a moment spent together. Among these images are some of Parr's most iconic works, put in dialogue with the best of vernacular photography. Each photograph and its counterpart, although captured in different places and at different times, have similarities that are as whimsical as they are striking. 

Martin Parr's archives, which have 50,000 photographs, capture stereotypes and society with an incomparable eye for the quirks of ordinary life. 


"Taking a good photograph of everyday life is very difficult. That's what I like to try to do, it's what motivates me to go out and walk with my camera. There is no guarantee that you will get a good image, but there is always a chance that you will be pleasantly surprised," explains Martin Parr. 

"Our images, thus combined, talk about what photography is in itself, and what it can contribute to: a simple, happy, and shared moment," says Lee Shulman. 


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