02 July 2023 -
06 October 2023


The Anonymous Project


The Anonymous Project, recognized as one of the most important private collections of amateur colour photographs from the 20th century, is behind two major exhibitions - Reflets and Déjà View

The Anonymous Project was born from the desire of Lee Shulman, director and collector, to offer a second life to kodachrome slides received or found in England or across the Atlantic. To date, it is the largest slide collection in the world, with nearly one million anonymous photographs dating from the 1930s to the 1980s.

For its exhibition Reflets, The Anonymous Project offers visitors to discover its slides through a plurality of scenographies. Slide cascade, veil of photographs moving in the wind, light boxes and many other elements come to life in an immersive experience that emphasizes the unique colorful support of Kodachromes slides. 

Playing on different themes, the course is anything but an invitation to nostalgia. Rather, it is a recognition of our common humanity, which is reflected in these surprising, funny and touching clichés.  

A shop offering in particular six art prints signed, numbered and published in 100 copies each of The Anonymous Project as well as, exclusively, the flagship photograph of the exhibition, completes the experience. 

"Through the Reflets exhibition, we wanted to create an immersive experience that highlights the beauty and singularity of Kodachrome slides. Each scenography has been thought of as a journey, where the past, present and future come together, reminding us that photography is much more than an image, but a shared space in which we can all find ourselves," explains Lee Shulman. 

Practical information 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 6pm.
For further information please contact: expositions@gallifet.com

Standard entry: 6 €
Reduced entry (available for the unemployed and students): 4 €
Free entry with the Aix-en-Provence City Pass and for children under 12. 


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