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Lucile Viaud

Lucile Viaud

Lucile Viaud explores the close relationship between landscape and material, creating her 'geoglass'; by transforming local products and neglected resources into natural glasses.

Through projects in different regions, she highlights the influence of the origin of the raw materials due to the nature of the glass obtained. Defending the idea that waste is a treasure waiting to be used, she raises awareness of preserving our natural resources and heritage via a
process of research and creation applied to both art and science.

From product to work of art, her range of handmade glass has developed over the years. Her workshop offers collections for the home through the brand Ostraco as well as exceptional pieces for design professionals.


Lucile is an artist in residence at the Institut des Science Chimques de Rennes and since 2017 has collaborated on a number of projects with the Verres and Céramique team. She graduated from the École Boulle as a winner of the Sophie Rochas foundation (in 2018 and 2019), the Banque Populaire and Remy Cointreau prizes (2020) and the Grand Prix de Paris in 2018.