11 November 2022 -
11 February 2023

Mémoire Désir

Group exhibition

Mémoire Désir

An exhibition of textural works 

‘The landscape in which identity is supposed to be grounded is not solid stuff; it’s made out of memory and desire, rather than rock and soil.’

In this captivating extract from ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’ which inspired the title of this exhibition, Rebecca Solnit highlights how we transform and enhance both our interior and exterior landscapes.

For ‘Mémoire Désire’, Morgane Baroghel-Crucq has curated works by craftsmen and women who use ancient artisanal techniques to create a contemporary artistic vision of their surroundings. Textures and materials borrowed from the natural world and shaped by a trained hand imbue the works with history and meaning. The resulting pieces reflect the artists’ vision of their surrounding landscape.

Through its relationship with time, its humility and its sense of measure, Craft brings us closer to the earth, reconnecting us with its strength, generosity and infinite patience. Far from a ‘simple’ catalogue of applied arts, Mémoire Désir proposes an encounter with textural works, unique pieces which reflect the character and personality of those whose hands have fashioned them.


The artists

Antonin Anzil, Morgane Baroghel-Crucq, Clémentine Brandibas, Laetitia Costechareyre, Laura Demichelis, Audrey Guimard, Solenne Jolivet, Karl Mazlo, Laurentine Périlhou, Karen Swami, Lucie Touré, Sika Viagbo, Lucile Viaud.


Practical information

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from midday to 6pm. Entry is free. The exhibition is part of the winter season of the Aix-en-Provence Biennale ‘Une 5ème saison’. For more information, please contact: expositions@gallifet.com.


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